The ring bearer’s role and his (or her) tux outfit are important checkpoints for your wedding day, yet this shouldn’t stress you out. The whole process of choosing a ring bearer should be fun – and this is where this guide comes in place!

If the wedding is almost here and you’re about to choose your ring bearer’ suit attire – you got yourself to the right place. From duties to outfit ideas, this article will help you put every little detail in order. Keep reading!


The ring bearer is usually a small boy or a girl, aged 4 to 10, who holds the rings and walks down the wedding aisle (right after the groomsmen & bridesmaids, and before or after the flower girl), carrying a ring pillow with the wedding bands, which he’ll afterward give to the best man or to the maid of honor.


TIP: The ring bearer is not the same with the page boy or the coin bearer. All of them are important during the ceremony, but they have slightly different roles. Keep reading and you’ll discover what everyone does.

What is a ring bearer’s role & why do you need one?

The ring bearer’s role is to guard and carry the wedding rings on a ring bearer pillow or in a box, and take them to the altar before the flower girl, who is introducing the bride.

In most cases, the ring bearer keeps fake rings on his pillow (especially if he is too young to be trusted with gold wedding bands), while the real ones are kept safe by the best man, who could give them to the ring bear right before he starts walking down the aisle.

One thing is for sure: beside the cuteness factor, history gives this tradition a lot of meaning and symbolism. The ring bearer’s meaning is to strengthen the commitment between the bride and the groom. Apollo Soul Website By carrying the wedding rings down the aisle, the ring bearer assures that the rings are handed to the couple so the new bond is successfully made without any obstacles.


Picking the ring bearer could be a tough job, especially if you have lots of family members with young children.

So how do you choose your ring bearer? Keep in mind that is common to firstly look on your family members or ask your relatives, but of course, is not a rule.

Who picks the ring bearer:  the bride or the groom?

If you already have a child or a young family member, he is perfect for this role. If not, you can always pick a nephew, a cousin or a friend’s kid. Or all of them, so you can have a happy crew of little attendants.


A boy or a girl: Who should be your ring bearer?

It doesn’t matter if you choose a boy or a girl as your ring bearer.

You probably picture the ring bearer as a boy, because at almost every wedding a boy takes this role. But if you prefer a girl or you can’t find a boy suitable for the ring bearer role, don’t worry! The tradition is flexible, so the ring bearer doesn’t necessary need to be a boy – the important thing is for the role to be performed right.

So, if you have a girl which meet the criteria of age, then you can pick her to be your ring bearer. She has to carry the rings exactly like the boy would. The only difference is the outfit, that can be a dress matching the flower girl or everything that fits in the wedding theme.



Ideally, a good age of the ring bearer is between 4 and 10, but this depends on the marrying couple’s preferences.  But don’t let that stop you from giving those roles to someone younger. The general advice is from 4 to 8 -this an age cut off limit because of the risk factor.

In the past years, it become quite a trend to see baby boys or baby girls fill in the role of a ring bearer.

What is too old for a ring bearer?  If they’re older than 8, they’re probably more respnsabile and can fill the role of a junior groomsman.

Ushers is a category designed to create a special place in your wedding party for kids who are too old to be flower girls or ring bearers (4-8 years old), but too young to participate in all of the rituals of the adult honor attendants.

If you’re not sure how old your ring bearer should be, take into consideration that, traditionally, the age of the ring bearer is between four and ten years old. That is because the kids from these categories could walk and be able to perform their role in a smooth way. If the ring bearer it’s younger than four, probably the duties will be a bit harsh for him.

When you want even your bigger relatives, over 10 years old, to be involved in the wedding, keep in mind that is better for them to be junior groomsmen. This way you will help them enjoy more this event, without getting bored, but not be overwhelming by the tasks of a casual groomsman.

Let’s see what ring bearer fits best for you according to the age category: